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Property Investing
Made Simple

With our Award-Winning Property Development Team

Meeting Our Investors Needs

For most people, investing in the property market can be both difficult and time consuming. Without suitable resources in place, developing properties as an investment can be challenging. With over 15 years track record in acquiring and developing London based properties, we are here to offer a well-established alternative to investors. 

Income + Growth

Choose to boost your income with bi-annual interest payments or grow your investment capital annually.


All our investments are secured against high demand residential property, providing our investors peace of mind from day one.

Track Record

With over 15 years experience and 100% loan payback, let our established property team walk you through our previous projects.

About Meta Property

Situated in London, our award-winning team focus on creating real value, which is the very ethos that Meta Property is founded upon. We have 15 years proven track record in acquiring niche, undervalued or distressed property assets that have scope to add real value. 

Meta Property truly believes investors are investing into our ecosystem and not individual projects. It’s our fully integrated 5-pillar approach which gives us our agility and ability to consistently perform in changing market conditions. We are here to grow organically and sustainably for our partners and investors.

Our portfolio of work throughout Greater London currently totals more than £15m Gross Development Value with forecasts to reach over £30m by 2025.

Our Property Process

Through our extensive network of trusted property professionals, we are frequently presented with opportunities to develop properties across Greater London. These property assets often need developing to maximise their true financial potential and when carefully managed, hold a significant rise in value.


Source and evaluate the scope of each individual opportunity with Meta Property’s process.


Add development value with transparency and control through clear planning, design and build.


Realise potential returns through understanding our end goal and possible exit strategies by knowing our end client and the state of the current market.


Meta Property’s Ecosystem

Our 5-pillar approach, to successful property development

1.  Buying well with equity built into the deal from day one

2.  Being our own contractor, so we can control costs and timelines

3.  Having a truly supportive senior lender, who invests alongside us

4.  Working with Simple Crowdfunding, who support us with investor management, and compliance

5.  Having the right team around us at the right time.

We make the business of property work for our investors

Invest with Confidence,
with Our Award Winning Team

Recently awarded Best Property Developer Newcomer 2022, watch the interview conducted by The European Magazine discussing the UK property market with our CEO Waqas Khan and Edward Checkley, Property Finance Advisor, Advias.


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