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Investing with Meta Property

Explore the 3 different ways to start investing with Meta Property


With Income and Capital Growth investment options available, find out how you better your returns with Meta Property.


Start utilising your annual ISA allowance and invest in Meta Property via our collaboration with a FCA regulated property investment platform.


Potentially grow your pension in a compliant manner over the long-term and help achieve a better financial plan in retirement.

*Tax treatment is dependent upon individual circumstance. All investments carry risk and that you should read the risk warning before investing.

Why Choose Meta Property?


15 Year Track Record

With over 15 years track record in acquiring and developing London based properties, let our business development team walk through our previous projects with complete transparency.


Investor Management and Compliance

Investor management and compliance are fundamental to the Meta Property ecosystem. To deliver this consistently for all our investors, Meta Property is working with Simple Crowdfunding, a FCA regulated property finance platform, enabling qualified investors to invest directly in UK property opportunities via peer-to-peer lending.


5-Pillar Approach to Property Development

We believe our clients are investing into our ecosystem and not just individual development projects. Our fully integrated 5-pillar approach includes the property deal, the builder, the equity finance, the collaboration with Simple Crowdfunding and the team.


Tax-Free Investing

Working with Meta Property, Simple Crowdfunding offer individuals the opportunity of investing tax free through an Innovative Financial ISA (IFISA) or a SSAS pension. The Simple Crowdfunding platform is very simple to use and allows investors access to peer-to-peer lending property projects, such as Meta Property. We strongly support investors spreading their capital across multiple projects, therefore diversifying their risk.


Regular Investor Updates

All investors are provided regular updates on how the business is performing, our progress on current projects, future opportunities we are assessing and our views on the market. Schedule a visit to one of our London property developments with a senior member of our property team or speak with our business development team about your investment queries. Either way, the Meta Property team is here to serve our investors, so they are fully comfortable with their entire investment journey.

Free Registration

For more information on how you can start investing with Meta Property Developments, please click the Free Registration button below for further details and a member of our Business Development team will get in touch shortly.