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Harewood Road

Harewood Road is situated in a prime location in South West London, Colliers Wood. It’s a London developers dream with young professionals, excellent tube and train links within walking distance and access to outstanding nurseries and schools. This development is highly focused with the end client in sight. Here, we have received full planning permission to convert a semi-detached house into three sizeable flats, a three bedroom ground floor flat with a garden and 2 one bedroom flats on the first and second floor. With this site we have successfully increased the square footage by over 50% and have designed it to a high specification with the local demographic in mind.

Previous Condition

Project Overview


Project Progress

Financial Analysis

Purchase & Development Cost
Purchase Price £840,000.00
Purchase Cost (inc. SDT & Legal)
Finance Cost £42,500.00
Total Purchase Cost £916,860.00
Development Costs
Professional Fees & Other costs £21,000.00
Build Cost £175,000.00
Total Development Costs £196,000.00
Sale and Profit Analysis
Total GDV or Sale Price  (if sold) £1,300,000.00
Sale Cost £28,000.00
Purchase Cost £916,860.00
Development Cost £196,000.00
Net Profit £259,140.00
Net Profit (%) 22.71%