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Osborne Road

Osborne Road is a terraced house in an area of zone 2 London that we believe is mispriced and therein lies our opportunity. In this particular area of North London, the housing prices seem to still be catching up to comparable areas of London and furthermore, there seems to be a real disparity between prices of family homes and those of two- and three-bedroom flats. With this development, we wanted to concentrate on creating high quality, modernised family living over flat conversions, as we believe this has been missing in the local area. Therefore, Osborne Road has been transformed from a distressed three-bedroom, one bathroom family house to a luxurious five-bedroom, four-bathroom family home.

The main challenge with this development was that the property was very narrow and did not flow well as a family home. We have opened up the entire ground floor to create a multi-functional living space to meet the needs of any growing family. This project has given us the opportunity to achieve a true increase in value by extending the property on the ground floor by adding a double dormer loft conversion under permitted development rights. The home has been finished to a high standard, as we believe the demand for higher-end family homes is growing as more high-income professionals and families are moving to the area.

Previous Condition

Video Overview


Completed Result

Financial Analysis

Purchase & Development Cost
Purchase Price £728,000.00
Further Cost (Legals, SDLT, etc) £36,388.58
Total Purchase Cost £764,388.58
Development Costs
Professional Fees £10,000.00
Build Cost £145,000.00
Total Development Costs £155,000.00
Sale and Profit Analysis
Total GDV £1,150,000.00
Purchase Cost £764,388.58
Development Cost £155,000.00
Net Profit £230,611.42
Net Profit (%) 25.08%